Multiplayer PC Games List

The list below is of online multiplayer games which have been played and tested by China-based expats. Although we are primarily based in Chengdu, we occasionally play with others located across China and generally these connections speeds are fast and reliable. Connecting to players outside of China, not as much, and that is not what we would recommend.

The reason why this lists exists is to:

  1. Give you a quick list of games which you can know will perform well if you’re based in China
  2. Show which games we’re playing online, or have played in the past, if you’re looking for others to play with

Join the CGF Communities on PS4 & Steam

Since Steam is our primary multiplayer platform, joining the CGF group on Steam is essential to connecting with other players.

Online Multiplayer Games List

  • Dead by Daylight. A horror-themed asymmetrical pursuit game where one player is the killer and three are the survivors, completing objectives while avoiding the killer to win the round. Generally works better with internet accelerator.
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The latest version of Valve’s long-running Counter Strike series. Our favorite mode of play is “Arms Race”, which consists of one round with continuous respawns. The winning conditions are the same for both teams. One player from either team must score a kill with the Gold Knife.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. We exclusively play the Zombies survival mode, often with DLC maps featured in the Zombie Chronicles DLC.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. There are groups for both PS4 and PC versions of Black Ops 4.
  • Left 4 Dead 2. An action horror FPS which takes place in the Deep South. Fantastic chapter based co-op gameplay.
  • Civilization VIA historical 4Xexplore, expand, exploit, exterminate. We exclusively play Scenarios. Has a separate WeChat group.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege. Squad-based tactical shooter. Requires a Uplay account, which is free. Generally works better with internet accelerator.
  • Don’t Starve Together. Stay alive for as long as you can, collecting resources, base building, and cooperating with other players.
  • Apex Legends. As of Spring 2019, the latest addition to the Battle Royale gaming space. There is a separate group for Apex players, on both PS4 and PC.

Internet Accelerators

Since the summer of 2017 and the popularity of PUBG in China, internet accelerators (网游加速器) have become popular utilities for online gamers in China. What they do is reduce latency in non-Chinese online games through tunneling. Note that the services below are only available in Chinese, so if you can’t read or translate Chinese, you will need help from a Chinese speaker.